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TEL: +86-571-86617638  FAX: +86-571-86618654

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Add: 9899# Hongshiwu road, Linjiang Industrial Park, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, China

P.C.: 311228

TEL: 0086-571-86617638 (Switchboard)

FAX: 0086-571-86618654

Url: www.gxsnw0771.com

E-mail: ls@longshanchemical.com

Foreign Trade Url:www.dragon-chempharm.com

Longshan Fine Chemical

Hangzhou Longshan Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Located in Tangxi Industrial Park and covering an area of 61mu, the company invests 17 million RMB to build the manufacture facility which can produce 30 thousands of 40% nitric acid a year and 2500 tons of sodium nitrite a year. The project started on October 1st 2001 and on April 16th 2002 it was put into use and powered on successfully. In 2002, the company realized the gross industrial output value of 10.31 million RMB and profits of 1.03 safety, for efficient control of production process. Owing to the good quality of the staff, efficiet management system and stable production operation, the company have been maintaining good economic operation for year.